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  • 6.20. THE NEW ERA CD release
  • We interviewed MARTH on this occasion.
    Where does MARTH music, which is mellow and sensitive,
    simple and gorgeous, come from?
    Please come to find MARTH's view of "THE NEW ERA",
    which reveals a secret and suggest a creation of a new world.
  • MARTH's New Release scheduled in early August!!
  • Recording will be scheduled overseas in the end of June
    MARTH's magnificent view of the universe
    performed by the strings, harp, piano, guitar on good old Hollywood sound.
    Sorrowful, inexpressibly beautiful "Gift of Live"
    9 titles of new album are to be released early August.
  • 4.25/5.20 Name of Your Life Release Information
  • "Name of Your Life! Production Note
  • Media Information
  • "Name of Your Life project"