We are in unknown, mysterious and immeasurable space now at this moment in reality. MARTH

We have lost a sense of being in the unknown and mysterious where a vastness eternally extends and is immeasurable. With this lost sense of ours, we have constructed the world.

Therefore, it was inevitable that we destroyed the orderly nature; the beautiful woods, the beautiful sky, the beautiful earth.......

We need to wake up now and start creating “the new world” , with an awareness of the truth that we are in the unknown, mysterious and immeasurable world.

Our way of living will be celebarated by all things in the universe; flowers, trees, animals, the earth, the rivers, the oceans, etc. and all of us will be happy.

We will continue creating our products of music, literature, film, etc., which have a nature of never-chaning truth and authentic science, wishing them to be of some guidance to find a way to “the new era” .

The most important requisite for the human kind is an awareness to the truth that we are living in an unknown,mysterious, immeasurable and tremendous world. MARTH